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The company is dedicated to the technology research and manufacturing of high-end power supply products, and focuses on the construction and development of talents by adhering to the business philosophy of innovation, pragmatism, honesty and efficiency. And the company advocates the philosophy of pleasant working, and constantly optimizes the training and welfare system, and strives to create a kind of work atmosphere, respecting, trusting and progressive.

I. Main Welfare:

(1) The company provides free meals and dormitories or meal allowance;

(2) Those have an outstanding performance during the probation period can become a regular member in advance and win the opportunity of salary increasing and performance incentive bonuses;

(3) The company provides the payment of social security insurance according to national laws;

(4) Those with the working time of one year in the company can enjoy five days of paid annual leave;

(5) For those with the working time increasing each time by one year in the company, the seniority salary will be increased by RMB 30/month, and that is, the total salary in the second year after the entry is the yearly salary plus RMB 360, and in the third year after the entry, the salary is the yearly salary plus RMB 720;

(6) The staff is legally entitled to enjoy paid marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, bereavement leave and other holidays;

(7) The company recruits talents widely, the internal employees who recommends excellent talents can obtain an award;

(8) The company holds a monthly selection of excellent staff, and those who are elected as outstanding members in the department can enjoy an award of RMB 200 in cash and other treatment as excellent staff;

(9) The staff enjoys the holiday welfares in Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals;

(10) The staff enjoys the care and allowances in case of childbearing or visiting families;

(11) The company regularly organized team construction activities, such as fun games, birthday dinners, outings and so on.

II. Training and Career Development

1. Training

(1) The company provides new employees with professional pre-employment training, pre-job training and induction training;

(2) The company provides employees in post with the associated skill training in the way of combining internal training and external training;

2. Career Advancement and Development