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Intelligent Fast Auto Charging System

[ Date:2019-10-17 11:31:04 ]
 Intelligent Fast Auto Charging System

Product Description:

This series of intelligent fast automatic charging system integrates the main body of charger and pantograph, which is more beautiful and generous. The charging system has three main functional modules, gun charging, bow charging and return network inversion. It is suitable for setting up a fast charging station at the beginning and end of the line.

Product characteristics:

The front panel of charger uses color LCD touch screen to display output voltage, current, charging time, SOC, cell voltage and so on. The parameters can be set directly by LCD touch screen.

The charging time is reduced to 6 minutes (10C).

One button charging, no charge for charging.

Using carrier communication mode, charging data transmission is more secure.

The pantograph is hidden (safe and reliable, simple to maintain).

Pantograph and charger are two in one (reduce construction and area).

The charger itself has independent protection functions such as input over-voltage, input under-voltage, output over-current, output short-circuit, output over-voltage, overheat protection, anti-reversal, insulation detection and emergency stop button.

DC charger standard wireless communication module and wired interface, through wireless/wired network to report charging information, to achieve background monitoring.

Users can independently choose whether to enable the credit card charging function, which enables permission management and accounting management. It can record not less than 1000 charger abnormal information and charging record information.