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8KW Mobile Charging Cabinet

[ Date:2019-10-17 11:33:51 ]
8KW Mobile Charging Cabinet
Product Description
GSCH-8KW mobile intelligent charging cabinets are mainly used for charging 350V to 700V power lithium batteries, and are widely applied for cycle charging of electric vehicles, electric taxis, electric buses and other systems.
Product Features
In 220V single-phase input, it supports 3KW and 8KW charging; and the charging mode is selectable depending on customer's own power distribution conditions;
The wide voltage input range (175 to 264V) is of high adaptability to grid;
The wide voltage output (200V to 750V) is applicable to a variety of conditions;
It adopts PFC active power factor correction technology, and the PF value can be up to 0.99;
The module is provided with a built-in monitoring function, and in case of input overvoltage or undervoltage, output overvoltage or undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, over-high temperature and other phenomena, many functions such as self-test, fault warning can be implemented through the touch screen;
It adopts soft-switching power conversion technology, and the efficiency and power density is high;
It adopts a 4.3-inch color touch screen, the operation and display is more convenient and intelligent;
It complies with GB/T20234.3-2011 Standards and adopts GB/T27930-2011 communication protocol to communicate with the on-board intelligent equipment of vehicles;

It adopts heat radiation structure design of independent air duct.