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7.5KW Mobile Charging Cabinet

[ Date:2019-10-17 11:32:10 ]
7.5KW Mobile Charging Cabinet

Product Description

Mobile intelligent charging cabinets are mainly used for charging 200V to 750V power lithium batteries, and are widely applied for alternate charging for PHEV,electric taxis, electric buses and other systems.

Product Features

A With the function of input over voltage,under voltage,out phase,output over current,over voltage,short circuit, over heat protection, immersion alarm.

B Advanced electrical safety design with function of timing,real time test safety protection ,prognosis about device abnormal condition,alarm feedback,BMS self safety protection

C Charging gun head with electrical lock protection is to prevent gun head plug out under charging condition and guard human safety.

D Charging method varies from automatic charging,reserve charging,quantitative charging,rated charging and SOC charging.

E Elegant shape,small size for outdoor carry-over, it adopts a 4.3-inch color touch screen, the operation and display is more convenient and intelligent;

F With the function of swiping card, meter measurement,backstage monitoring, it is convenient for customer to monitor the charger condition.