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Charging terminal (single gun / double gun)

[ Date:2019-08-23 04:38:32 ]
Charging terminal (single gun / double gun)

Product Description:

This series of charging terminals are used in conjunction with intelligent charging system mainframe to provide charging interface. It is mainly suitable for DC charging and needs to provide charging gun. According to different configuration requirements, it can be divided into single gun charging terminal and double gun charging terminal.

Product characteristics:

The human-computer interaction interface uses high-performance color touch screen, humanized design, simple operation, convenient for customers to swipe cards, take the gun charge, emergency stop and other operations. The charging gun head is equipped with an electronic lock to prevent the gun head from being pulled out at any time in the charging state to ensure personal safety.

The concept of Internet +, cloud platform service system realizes user charging, user settlement, report statistics, equipment maintenance, remote monitoring, remote management and other functions. Managers can conveniently calculate the charging station operation. Through mobile phone APP to find piles, make an appointment, charge, control the charging state in real time, and combine the convenient Internet Alipay and WeChat to pay.

Powerful power sharing, constant power function, can be equally charged with two guns, single gun cycle charging, shorten the charging time.

The adopted process structure design, the use of high-strength anti-rust, anti-corrosion galvanized steel sheet material shell, surface spraying long-life outdoor materials, beautiful appearance, waterproof and dust-proof higher grade.

The charging mode is diversified, which can be used for automatic charging, reserved charging, quantitative charging, fixed charging and SOC charging.