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3.3KW On Board Charger Air Cooling

[ Date:2019-10-17 11:32:28 ]
3.3KW On Board Charger Air Cooling

Product Description

This series charger is widely applied for plug hybrid power passenger vehicle,pure electric passenger vehicle,pure electric cargo van and other electric vehicles.

Product Features

Ultra wide grid application range, input voltage is 85~265VAC self response.

It adopts active PFC and phase shifting whole bridge soft switch topological structure,power factor reaches 0.99,small size and light weight.

Efficiency can reach 95% with shorter charging time,less heat flux to decrease operation cost.

Customized charging character curve to extend battery service life.

High power density,durable and easy to install

IP65, dust proof,water proof and high reliability.

Advanced protection strategy to ensure device reliability and safety of operators.

Intelligent air fan design and adjust running speed according to temperature to extend fan life service.

Human interface,LED display and easy to operate.

Provide 12V auxiliary power supply and used for parking

National level lab(Cape laboratory)type approval,number JW141618.