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3KW DC/DC Converter Air Cooling

[ Date:2019-11-18 15:34:20 ]
3KW DC/DC Converter Air Cooling

Product Description

GSEV series DC/DC automobile power supply are mainly used as DC power supply for electric passenger cars, city trolley buses, tramcars, subways and light rails. This type of converter is a high-performance switching power supply, and is specially designed for charging 24V or 12V batteries, and supplies power for car lamps, windshield wipers, horns and so on. It can be widely used in pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

Product Features

Input: 200~750VDC;Output voltage range:9~36VDC adjustable;Output current maximum 150A;

Module configuration capacity:rated 3000W,maximum 3300W;

Adopting a new soft switching control technology and an intelligent efficiency saving mode, and the maximum efficiency of system≥96%;

Core technology:

Instant over load technology, module instant capacity can reach 130% rated power and duration time is above 10 seconds.

Module monitoring system based on self-diagnosis and CAN communication can know module condition in time and record module historic operation data.

System online upgrade function is convenient for customer to debug online and update system in time.

Advanced fault alarm and protection function, including input over and under voltage,output over voltage,over current,short circuit protection,input anti reverse connection,output anti reverse connection protection,output back-flow prevention protection;

Temperature intelligent derating,over temperature protection;

High speed CAN communication bus to realize power module real time test and monitor function.

Equipped with online self diagnosis function and convenient for system maintenance.

Small size,light weight,to save space in a large scale.

Heat dissipation mode: natural heat dissipation

Applied for harsh occasions and safe and reliable.

Installation method:can be applied separately or integrately.