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Seperate DC Charging Pile

[ Date:2019-11-18 15:31:26 ]
Seperate DC Charging Pile

Product Description

This series DC charging cabinet is an intelligent device directly charging for pure electric bus,plug-in hybrid bus and it is composed of charging module with active power factor self correction function to realize eight guns charging at the same time.It is applied for outdoor locations such as high speed railway,packing lot,bus parking area and so on.

Product Characteristics

It has the function of input over voltage,under voltage,out phase,current limit,and output over current,over voltage,short circuit,over heat protection and immersion alarm.

The idea of internet plus and cloud platform service system can realize customer charging,customer settlement,statistical reports, equipment maintenance,remote monitoring,remote management for administrator to learn charging station operation condition.Through mobile phone App to find the charging cabinet,reserve,charging and get time control charging condition, with Internet Ali-pay and We-chat for payment.

With strong power distribution,constant power function,to realize 8 guns equal distribution charging and single gun alternate charging to shorten charging time. 

Advanced electrical safety design with the function of time,real time test safety protection,device abnormal condition prognosis ,alarm feedback, BMS Autonomous safety protection.

Adopt perfect process structure design and use high strength anti-rust and anti-corrosion galvanized steel plate shell,surface with painting for long life outdoor material to make the charger in good shape and higher IP.

Humanized design for customer to swipe card,plug out gun for charging,operate emergency stop.Charging gun head with electric lock protection, prevent gun head being plugged out under charging condition, is to guarantee human safety.

Charging method with more variety with automatic charging,reserve charging,quantitative charging,rated charging and SOC charging.