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150kW DC Charging Pile

[ Date:2019-11-18 15:31:48 ]
150kW DC Charging Pile

Product Description

Widely applied for all kinds of outdoors such as high speed railway, public bus parking. Now it is successfully applied for Hefei Electric bus charging station, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center electric bus charging station and so on.

Product Features

Charger front plate HMI adopts color touch screen and can show output voltage,current,charging time,SOC,single battery voltage when charging.

The parameter set can be completed through touch screen.Reserved CAN web and Ethernet web interface support billing and background monitor.

It adopts advanced harmonic soft switch power conversion technology, with three advantages of high efficiency, good reliability and low interference large power charging power supply power conversion.

Control and monitoring circuit adopts DSP technology, accurate,agile control to realize automation,intelligence for strengthening power supply internal fault time monitoring, judgment and control

With the protection function of input over voltage,under voltage,default phase,current limit,output over voltage,over current,short circuit,over temperature.

Choose two guns output at the time,power distribution charging, or four guns full capacity alternate charging.