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60KW DC Charging Cabinet

[ Date:2019-11-18 15:33:04 ]
60KW DC Charging Cabinet

Product Description

The series of DC charging cabinets combine the functions of charging stations and DC chargers and are composed of parallel charger modules with an automatic correction function of active power factor, and are provided with human-computer interaction, card swiping, billing, settlement, remote communications and control and other functions, as well as safety protection measures; it is a type of intelligent charging equipment used to directly charge pure electric buses and plug-in hybrid electric buses. Due to the small size, the equipment can be widely applied in bus transit depots, large parking lots, etc.

Product characteristics:

The man-machine interface on the front panel of DC charging pile adopts color LCD touch screen, which can display output voltage/current, electric quantity, charging time, battery pack voltage/current, maximum/minimum cell voltage and temperature when charging.

The DC charging pile can provide BMS power when charging, and the maximum output of the internal power supply is DC24V/12V.

Dual gun cycle charging, optional dual gun power and charge.

DC charging pile can be divided into two types: manual charging and automatic charging.

1. Manual charging mode can set charging parameters and charge.

2, automatic charging mode, the system can automatically charge according to BMS parameters, full of automatic stop charging.

DC charging pile has two CAN external communication interface, which can realize various external communication tasks including vehicle battery management system (BMS). BMS can control charging pile through the relevant data transmitted by CAN communication protocol.

DC charging pile itself has the functions of input over-voltage, under-voltage, lack of phase, current limitation, output over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, overheat protection and so on.