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7kW AC charging pile

[ Date:2019-11-18 15:33:43 ]
7kW AC charging pile

Jiasheng AC charging pile 7kW series products are beautiful in design and convenient in receiving. The charging information can be inquired through Wechat public number or charging APP to realize billing, charging power statistics, identity recognition functions. According to different needs, the charging can be selected until full, according to time, according to power consumption, according to the amount of charge, and support wireless 4G, wired. Networking capabilities, combined with mobile APP can be networked.

Product advantages:

1. The charging pile has the functions of measurement, control and protection, such as running state monitoring, fault state monitoring, charging measurement and charging, and linkage control during charging.

2. The AC output is equipped with AC smart watt-hour meter for AC charging measurement, which has perfect communication function. The measurement information can be uploaded to the charging pile controller and network operation platform respectively.

3. with lightning protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection and leakage protection functions.