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Electric vehicle power conversion mode does not have large area promotion conditions in the short term.

Date:2018-09-29 17:39:16 Hits:432 次 From:Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, most automobile manufacturers have laid out the related business of the new energy automobile, and launched the rechargeable new energy automobile. But a few car companies, such as Lifan and Chung Tai, have introduced new energy vehicles that can replace batteries. So how can these car changing enterprises win in the dislocation of new energy vehicles? The author believes that the electricity exchange mode may not have the conditions for large area promotion in the short term.

Multi support mode charging mode is difficult to achieve

At the beginning of the new energy automobile industry development, the debate about the choice of charging mode or switching mode has never stopped. State Grid initially tended to support the power exchange mode, and since 2006 has organized a series of research and development and practice of electric vehicle charging and replacing facilities. But in recent years, we have also seen that the layout speed of charging piles is much faster than the construction speed of the substation. At present, the State Grid Planning has completed 6100 public charging stations and 5 charging piles by 2020. 90 thousand.

At present, there are some problems in the development of power exchange mode. For example, it is necessary to store batteries in larger areas, which is equivalent to the cost of establishing gas stations. In addition, the cost of the energy station should be considered. Some batteries must be charged in the energy station as a backup. In addition, the chassis should be transformed correspondingly, and the cost of transporting batteries by logistics is very high. Therefore, it is impossible to build enough power stations in the near future.

In addition, the exchange mode also involves the construction of the national power station system and the unification of battery standards, and the performance of the State Grid has reflected that the government will not invest too much in the exchange mode in the short term.

Low power consumption and insufficient development power.

At present, most of the automobile manufacturers choose to launch rechargeable new energy vehicles. It seems that the market choice has been inclined to the rechargeable mode between the power change mode and the rechargeable mode. The relevant person in charge of the National Joint Committee on Passenger Car Market Information has disclosed that at present, the proportion of renewable energy vehicle products is very low. And choose the mode of electric vehicle business, in the short term may not be able to compete with the choice of charging mode of car companies.

It is understood that at present, only a few car companies such as Lifan motor and Zhongtai choose the mode of electricity exchange. In terms of vehicle ownership, these car companies do not have enough influence in the industry. In fact, they do not have enough chips to allow operators to invest too much energy for them alone. In addition, the construction of reserve power stations and the purchase of a large number of batteries throughout the country, it is difficult to operate independently with the help of several automobile companies.

Of course, with the vigorous development of the electric vehicle industry, new energy vehicles may also have a variety of charging modes, in addition to power-changing mode, charging mode, and even wireless charging. But at present, the charging mode seems to be more acceptable to the market, and the switching mode can not be widely popularized in the short term.