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Master core technology, Grasen 6KW charging module enables charging station to achieve super high efficiency.

Date:2018-10-10 09:48:47 Hits:402 次 From:Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Whether abroad or at home, the biggest problem faced by electric vehicles is not performance, not price, nor brand, but charging and endurance. Only widely distributed and well-regulated charging piles and charging stations can solve this problem.

However, the core of the charging pile is the charging module. The quality of the charging module directly determines the quality and efficiency of the electric vehicle charging, especially whether it can adapt to the harsh environment (such as the Northeast Mohe). Therefore, the selection of charging module is very important.

Grasen Power Core R&D Engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the development of new energy charging equipment, 10 years of professional, dedicated, dedicated R&D and production of charging equipment, its core technical advantages of high efficiency, high power density in the industry has a higher competitiveness. Among them, the 6KW charging module with excellent quality, through the National Laboratory (Cape Laboratory) type certification, number JW151364, is very popular in the market.

At present, the 6KW charging module produced by Jiasheng Power Supply has two specifications, GSCH-6000-500LI and GSCH-6000-750LI. The module is small in size and beautiful in appearance. It can be used in parallel as electric vehicle charger.

The cooling mode of 6KW charging module adopts forced air cooling (intelligent speed regulation), supports CAN bus communication function, improves reliability and improves working environment. In addition, the module can be used in a wide range of environmental conditions, not only in the ordinary environment, but also in - 40 C and high altitude harsh environment, after more than a month of testing, can operate normally, the specific environmental conditions are as follows:

Debugging and installing products in harsh environments requires great patience and firm belief. In March this year, Engineer Yang sent to Lhasa to install and debug our products. Owing to the plateau reaction, hypoxia, dizziness and water and soil disagreement occurred. But in order to make the products available to customers in time, he persisted in the front line, in "Ning" Wish oneself trouble thousand times, do not want the customer half inconvenience "under the belief support, installation and commissioning work on schedule smoothly completed, got the customer's sincere applause, our product also got the quality test in the arduous environment.

  Lhasa electric vehicle charging station in plateau area

The 6KW charging module has built-in monitoring function. The LED indicator on the panel can display the rectifier module voltage, current, temperature, address, operation mode, software version, fault code, switch status and other information. At this point, if there is an alarm, the fault code information is displayed. The voltage display accuracy is 0.5% and the current display accuracy is 0.5%.

Supporting hot-plug function, multiple charging modules are working in parallel on the rack. One module can be plugged in or out of the system without power failure without affecting the normal operation of other modules.

The sales volume of 6KW charging module is the most powerful proof of the cost-effectiveness of the product. At present, the monthly supply of Jiasheng power charging module amounts to thousands. Among the numerous manufacturers of charging equipment, Jiasheng Power always adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty-based, innovation as the soul" and is bound to stand out.

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