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Luoyang Grasen Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Products debut

Date:2018-10-10 10:01:16 Hits:442 次 From:Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd.

On May 23, the 2016 Beijing International Road Transport, Urban Public Transport Vehicles and Parts Exhibition opened on schedule at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing.

Luoyang Jiasheng Power Technology Co., Ltd. with green environmental protection, intelligent and innovative new energy electric vehicle charging equipment series of products brilliantly appeared in this exhibition, to the vast number of customers at home and abroad to show Jiasheng power corporate image and technical strength.

  Welcome to the exhibition.

The exhibition has just begun, and the power station has gathered a lot of popularity. Customers are constantly visiting our booth and visiting and understanding the performance of our products.

  Many customers consult products before the booth.

With excellent technical advantages and excellent service, our products not only attract the attention of domestic customers, but also arouse strong interest from overseas customers.

  Overseas customers communicate with each other and smile satisfactorily.

At the exhibition site, under the explanation of marketing consultants, customers can not help but use paper and pen to record the highlights of our products.

  A client who consulted while recording

  The customer is consulting the charging pile product in detail.

  The customer is consulting the charging module product.

Of course, in addition to understanding our products, we can also participate in interactive games lucky scraping card lottery activities

  Sweep two-dimensional code participation in scraper card raffle interactive customers

Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd. by virtue of advanced technology advantages, perfect quality management system, testing equipment, professional marketing team and timely and thoughtful after-sales service, constantly improve the product, improve the user experience.

The above is a partial report on the live scene of yesterday's exhibition. For more details, please pay attention to the follow-up report.