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Date:2018-11-28 15:51:49 Hits:350 次 From:Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd.

 On 18th November, it is exciting moment. 50 sets Grasen charger starts it journey to Chile, South America. Since this moment, Luoyang Grasen Power opens new chapter to power for global new energy development.


  Chile, located in southwestern of South American and Andes to the east. It borders Argentina to the east, Peru and Bolivia to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west and lies across the sea from Antarctica in the far south, which is most narrow country in the world.
  President Sebastian Pinera and Energy Minister issued national future development plan, that is 2018-2022 energy route. Its key point of this energy route is to develop new energy.
  Only through few months, the first project of Grasen power in Chile has been successfully implemented. After the two teams communication in the early stage, the demand analysis, on-site exploration and technology docking, the cooperation was finally achieved.
  For this project,Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co.,Ltd. Provides the whole software and hardware solution, charging operation management system is specially customized with advanced technology. Cloud platform structure supports multi level management and permission setting, equipment detailed control, big data analysis and provide basis for policy decision. Multi level monitoring and on time alarm, more stronger comparability and support different brands charger data in as well as realizing data communication with the third management system.


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                                                                   Capital Santiago


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Thermal Valley

Our small step is a big step for human kind, Luoyang Grasen Power overcomes every obstacle to enter overseas market under such severe new energy market environment. Our small step leads us to provide more advanced charging equipment for overseas countries.